The Germy Office

Where are the 9 germiest spots in your office? According to Woman’s Day the most germ-infested hangouts are those right underneath our nose!

Take a gander below at the list of 9, and once you’ve read, maybe share a germy spot or two!

  1. Computer mouse and keyboard
  2. Desk
  3. Office door-frame
  4. Phone
  5. Books
  6. Candy dish
  7. Copy machine
  8. Fridge
  9. Conference room table

All logical locations Рplaces we touch, touch, and touch again, but really put no thought in to.  Many of the spots are specific to the user РYOU Рbut there are several community spots we never think about, like the fridge. Gross!

It makes sense to have a clean office where employees can remain healthy and actively participate within the growth of your company.  Allow us to take care of the nasty stuff!

Source: Woman’s Day
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